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Vision 2025 / Frequently Asked Questions

How was Vision 2025 developed?

Vision 2025 was developed with input from our customers, employees, unions, advocacy groups, and Congress. We received an abundance of valuable feedback and incorporated many of the ideas and insights into the Vision for the future.

How is Vision 2025 different from anything we have done before?

Vision 2025 represents a strategic shift as we embrace the future of customer service and employee development and engagement. Our customers want choices in how they interact with SSA – we must continue to meet and exceed their expectations. Our employees want a dynamic career path, training and development, and flexible workplace options. Our organization must adapt to new technologies and ways of doing business to continue to improve upon how we fulfill our mission.

What does this mean for Social Security customers?

Vision 2025 demonstrates our commitment to our customers, our employees, and our organization to continue to fulfill our mission. Customer choice will remain the centerpiece of our service delivery. We encourage those customers who would prefer to interact with us online to make use of the online services we currently offer. We will also expand our offerings to include more online, face-to-face, and telephone customer service options. SSA will continue – now and in the future – to offer the full range of face-to-face services in local field offices for those customers who prefer or require in-person options.

What does this mean for Social Security employees?

Vision 2025 was developed with extensive feedback from employees. Social Security is committed to strengthening our workforce by empowering and supporting employees throughout their careers. One of the main priorities in the Vision is to ensure we recruit, develop and retain exceptional employees. We will foster a positive career experience for our compassionate, knowledgeable, and empowered employees, and offer them dynamic career paths and multiple opportunities for professional growth.

What's Next?

Implementation of Vision 2025 begins now. Vision 2025 provides a common vision to drive strategic planning, unite employees, and institutionalize new changes. One of our first efforts will be to revise our current agency strategic plans to more closely align with the priorities outlined in Vision 2025. We will also provide our employees opportunities to contribute to the on-going efforts to make the Vision a reality.

Provide Feedback

With the launch of Vision 2025, we welcome your feedback and continued involvement. Tell us what you think and share with us how we can best achieve the Vision over the next 10 years. Thank you for your help in making Vision 2025 a reality!

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