Our Vision for 2025

Proudly serving Social Security customers throughout their lifetime, when and where they need us

Vision 2025 / Our Vision for 2025
Vision 2025 has three priorities: a superior customer experience, exceptional employees, and an innovative organization.

Superior Customer Experience

Customer relationships span a lifetime and are supported by access to accurate, real-time, and secure information and services.

In 2025, we are focused on understanding the customer's experience over their lifetime. Through this understanding, we respond to and anticipate our customers' needs, and thoughtfully craft appropriate service options.

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Exceptional Employees

Empowered, knowledgeable, compassionate, and engaged employees are proud to contribute in a flexible and rewarding environment

In 2025, we attract top talent and support our employees through developmental opportunities, active engagement, and empowerment to make decisions. Our employees reflect the "heart of the agency," providing a high-quality, personalized customer experience through compassion and dedication to our mission.

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Innovative Organization

The Social Security Administration serves as a model of organizational transformation, agility and service excellence, built on continuous improvement and forward-thinking strategy

In 2025, we are recognized by the public and across government for our agility and effectiveness in fulfilling our mission. We meet the changing needs of our customers and keep pace with the transitions they experience in their lives.

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