Your Social Security Experience in 2025

In 2025, we provide Social Security services to our customers seamlessly throughout their lifetime.

Vision 2025 / Your Social Security Experience in 2025

Your Journey Begins

Our relationship with our customers begins when we assign a Social Security number, usually at birth or immigration eligibility. Initiated by a simple electronic data transfer from the hospital, federal, or state agency, we welcome them. my Social Security is the gateway for our customers, providing immediate and personal access to Social Security information, services and our exceptional employees. Customers have access to their own my Social Security information as well as their dependents' and their children's electronic Social Security numbers. Information is appropriately linked and seamlessly presented through their secure method of choice.

Social Security Throughout Your Life Events

The journey continues when our customers start their first jobs. They use their personal my Social Security account to track their earnings and benefits, and verify accuracy in real-time. The account also enables access to the government as a whole. Birth, death, and other vital record information is updated in our records through seamless digital data exchanges with other organizations and agencies. We also offer program enrollments – for example, Medicare – through efficiently streamlined, secure digital services. We do not ask for information we already possess or can obtain through data sharing with other agencies and partners.

Disability And Other Situations You May Face

We understand the critical role we play when a customer experiences challenging situations. Loss of income due to death of a family member, severe disability, or other situations brings customers to us in their moments of greatest need. Our knowledgeable and compassionate employees provide them with personalized, convenient support.

Our disability and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) processes are optimized and built around Health Information Technology. Through secure direct access to electronic medical records, we make a substantial number of our disability determinations in only one day. For determinations that may take longer to evaluate, our customers have immediate, real-time access to all of their case information as well as a detailed case status. Our disability determination and appeals process is efficient and clearly communicated. Customers can communicate securely with our field, DDS and hearings employees through my Social Security and participate in hearings and discussions through their choice of interactive methods. When we determine that a claimant qualifies for disability, we begin benefit payments promptly and accurately.

Preparing For Your Future And Retirement

The my Social Security account enables our customers to envision their future through detailed retirement benefit estimates and scenarios. This information will allow them to factor their Social Security benefits into their broader retirement picture, including savings and investments, and private pensions. Through MyData initiatives, our customers can download their personal information, as data, for their own use with other services. We also make Medicare eligibility information available through all customer service methods. When our customers retire, all they have to do is inform us of their retirement date and when they want their benefits to begin. We use their earnings information to begin providing accurate, immediate benefits.

Throughout Your Journey

Our customers access our services through their preferred method: in person at one of our field or hearing offices, by phone, over real-time video or chat, or through self-service options within my Social Security. Through self-service support tools, our customers can choose how and when they would like to conduct transactions and receive immediate access, support, and service. Our exceptional employees are empowered to make decisions and have support tools that enhance our service and ensure a superior experience for our customers.