Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Additional Information-- 2024 Edition

Understanding SSI and SSI Spotlights

The Understanding SSI booklet provides comprehensive general information about SSI eligibility requirements and processes. Written especially for SSI advocates, but also useful for the general public, it addresses a broad range of topics, from applying for benefits to reporting events that may change the payment of benefits. Please check out its "Table of Contents" for a list of these topics.

SSI Spotlights are a series of 32 fact sheets about a variety of SSI topics, e.g., living arrangements, and are designed to supplement the guidelines in Understanding SSI. You may link directly to each of the spotlights, or you may link to them from the text of the guidelines.

In addition, Spanish versions of the spotlights are available at Puntos Importantes de Seguridad de Ingreso Suplementario (SSI).

General Information

When you use the link to General Information, you will come to our list of published pamphlets and fact sheets about SSI. Some of these publications are in different formats. Some are also available in both English and Spanish languages.

Income Reporting

If you receive SSI for yourself or someone else, check out this link to a chart with detailed instructions regarding income reporting for SSI recipients.

Social Security Handbook

Chapter 21 of the Social Security Handbook contains material about SSI organized in question and answer format so that you can find the information you need quickly and easily.

SSI Law and Regulations

Go to SSI Law and Regulations to find out which parts of the Social Security Act and the Code of Federal Regulations for the Social Security Administration are used to administer the SSI program.

Resources for Advocates and the General Public

Go to SSI Resources for information on how to find the nearest Social Security office, how to obtain a proof of income letter, etc.

SSI Eligibility Notices

We routinely send notices to people who already receive benefits from us to let them know they may be eligible for another type of benefit and they should contact us and apply. From December 2020 through June 2022, we are sending notices to certain people who already receive Social Security benefits to let them know they may be eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits. If people who receive the notice have an E-mail address registered with us, they may also receive an E-mail. The SSI program provides monthly payments to adults and children who have low income and resources, and who are blind or disabled. The SSI program also provides monthly payments to people age 65 and older who have low income and resources.

We established a dedicated phone line with a team of specialized employees to help people who receive this notice. These employees are SSI experts who can answer questions and help callers apply for SSI.

Help for Beneficiaries Who Return to Work

If you already get benefits and are thinking about returning to work, select SSI Work Incentives.