SSI Resources -- 2024 Edition


Here are some links to resources you have told us are especially helpful to you, either as a member of the general public or as an advocate for SSI claimants and beneficiaries.

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How may I find the nearest Social Security Office?

Go to our Local Office Search page and type in your ZIP Code. You'll get information about your local Social Security office and other agencies in your area who may be able to help you.

How may I get a proof of income letter?

Go to our Proof of Income Letter request page. You can get the information you need to obtain services from other government agencies.

How may I get Medicaid coverage?

Check out the Medicaid Information page developed by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services in the Department of Health and Human Services.

Do you have information for advocates who help SSI claimants and beneficiaries?

Even though we don't have a specific site for SSI advocates, we do have general advocate information at Representing Claimants.

May I manage someone's SSI benefits on their behalf?

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Yes, you may, if you meet certain requirements. Please go to our Representative Payee Program page to see how you may qualify.

How does Social Security assist the Homeless?

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Homeless persons have the same rights and privileges in applying for benefits as someone who is not homeless. Please visit our Service to the Homeless site for more information.

Are you already receiving SSI benefits?

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For information about a variety of topics that could be helpful to you if you are already receiving SSI benefits, please visit our Already Receiving Benefits page for those who are already receiving disability or SSI benefits.