eVital (Electronic Death Registration)

·         Name of project.

      eVital (Electronic Death Registration)

·         Unique project identifier.


·         Privacy Impact Assessment Contact.

      Office of Payment Policy
      Office of Income Security Programs
      Social Security Administration
      6401 Security Boulevard
      Baltimore, MD 21235

·         Describe the information to be collected, why the information is being collected, the intended use of the information and with whom the information will be shared.

SSA uses death information primarily to prevent the payment of benefits to deceased beneficiaries.  This initiative will not result in a new collection of information.  Instead, the Electronic Death Registration initiative will replace the cumbersome and labor-intensive process under which SSA currently receives death information.  The new streamlined electronic process will enable timely receipt of accurate information on deceased individuals.  We disclose this information to other entities when authorized to do so by Federal law.

·         Describe the administrative and technological controls that are in place or that are planned to secure the information being collected.

Information processed and contained within this application is protected by SSA’s Enterprise-wide suite of security control technologies as well as comprehensive and proven security policy.  Access is based solely on need to know and is restricted to least privilege.

Access to these records is restricted to those employees who have a need for the records in order to perform their official duties.  Access controls include the use of armed security guards that control entrances and exits to buildings housing the records and the use of access controls such as personal identification numbers and passwords to gain access to records that are maintained electronically.

·         Describe the impact on individuals’ privacy rights. 

Are individuals afforded an opportunity to decline to provide information?

Because these individuals are deceased, the Privacy Act does not apply to our collection and maintenance of these records. 

Are individuals afforded an opportunity to consent to only particular uses of the information?

Not applicable.

·         Does the collection of this information require a new system of records under the Privacy Act (5 U.S.C. § 552a) or an alteration to an existing system of records?

Not applicable.



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