Who to Contact

Janet Gioffre is the Employer Services Liaison Officer (ESLO) for the Chicago Region. Her role is providing annual wage reporting assistance to employers, wage reporting agents and software vendors. She is also is responsible for electronic filing and event information. She can be reached at:

Janet Gioffre:
Phone: 1-866-530-7818 ext 10854
Fax: 440-245-3904
Email: ch.ro.crsissi.eslo@ssa.gov

Our Employer Services national toll free number is 1-800-772-6270.

Annual Wage Reporting

We encourage our customers to conduct their business with Social Security electronically, including annual wage reporting and related business functions. Magnetic Media by tape or floppy disk is no longer being accepted. Most employers and their agents file electronically by uploading data directly to us or by using our W-2 Online website. This is preferred and offers many advantages. See our Business Services Online site for the many advantages to employers large and small.

Visit our Employer W-2 Filing Instructions and Information Page for more information, forms, and reporting assistance for all methods of filing.

Free Annual Wage Reporting Test Software

To test your electronic submission format, we offer free AccuWage software. Many employers have found this to be a valuable tool that assists them in submitting accurate wage report data.

Employee Names & Social Security Numbers

The employee's name and Social Security Number (SSN) reported on the W2 must match the information contained in Social Security's records to ensure that the worker gets proper credit for the wages paid. Social Security offers a free verification service to employers allowing them to confirm the SSN provided by the employee. For a quick reference on employee name and SSN issues, pick up "The Critical Link."


Social Security and IRS match the W2 and 941 totals to ensure that the correct information has been reported. If the figures disagree, the employer is contacted to explain the difference. Before submitting your W2s and the fourth quarter 941, balance the wage and tax figures. Correct any errors before the reports are submitted to SSA and IRS to avoid reconciliation notices later.