Vision 2025 / Feedback

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How we've been incorporating your feedback

Over the past year, we received feedback through a multitude of channels, ranging from in-person discussions with SSA and DDS employees nationwide (including those in Headquarters), to ideas submitted to our Vision mailbox and online forums. In addition, we received ideas through Facebook and Twitter posts. We considered each input and used your feedback to craft our Vision.

What this means for customer service

Customer choice will remain the centerpiece of our service delivery. We encourage those customers who would prefer to interact us online to make use of the online services we currently offer. We will expand our offerings to include more online, face-to-face and telephone customer service options. We realize some of our customers are unable to interact with us online, and we are committed to ensuring these vulnerable populations are not excluded from receiving superior customer service. SSA will continue – now and in the future – to offer the full range of face-to-face services in local field offices for those customers who prefer or require in-person options.

What this means for our offices

Vision 2025 does not include a plan to close any field offices. We are fully committed – now and in the future – to sustaining a field office structure that offers face-to-face customer service. At the same time, we understand the expectations of the public are evolving, and we need to meet these changing expectations as the demand for our service grows.

How Vision 2025 will be implemented

Implementation of Vision 2025 begins now – not 10 years from now. As an agency, we are committed to using customer-focused and innovative approaches that are convenient for the public, empowering to our employees, and cost-effective for the taxpayer. One of our first efforts will be to revise our current Agency Strategic Plan (ASP) so it aligns with the priorities outlined in Vision 2025. Additionally, we will work internally and with our partners in Congress to align SSA policies and procedures with Vision 2025. Check back soon for more updates as we make this Vision a reality!