Data on monthly benefits, grouped by "family," are available through this form. You may select the type of family from among 23 types listed below for which we have tabulated, the sex of the worker (or the sex of the surviving spouse if the worker is deceased and the spouse is receiving benefits), and reporting frequency (monthly, quarterly, or annual). You may also select the reporting period to limit the years for which data will be displayed. Data are unavailable prior to 1991. Note that other types are possible,

A time series will be presented in column format as follows:

  • the number of families in current payment status at the end of the selected months or years;
  • the corresponding average benefit amount per family;
  • the average number of beneficiaries per family; and
  • the corresponding average benefit amount per beneficiary (see note below).

Note that the average benefit amounts provided by the form below represent the amounts due to beneficiaries in current payment status for the month(s) included in the table. These amounts exclude any adjustments to benefits for retroactive payments and certain payment withholding that may be attributable to eligibility in prior months. Therefore, these data do not represent total benefits paid from the trust funds. Total benefit payment data including these effects are available here.

Sex of the worker or surviving spouse

Select frequency (data at end of period)

Select range of years (optional)