PL 102-22 Performance Management and Recognition System Amendments of 1991 (enacted 3/28/91)

Unless specified in the statute, legislation is effective upon enactment. For full text of legislation visit the website of the Library of Congress.

Section 2(a) amends Title 5 of the USC to provide for the use of a written statement of work objectives detailing position performance requirements and assisting in employee evaluation; effective 4/1/91.
Section 2(b) allows for the use of employment awards for certain employees; effective 4/1/91.
Section 3 directs OPM to establish a Committee to review the Performance Management and Recognition System created by these amendments with members to include representatives of organizations that include in their membership employees who are covered under the Performance Management and Recognition System, and representatives of agencies employing such employees; and to submit a report with its recommendations to the Director of the Office on 11/5/91, or such other date as the Director may determine.

PL 102-25 Persian Gulf Conflict Supplemental Authorization and Personnel Benefits Act of 1991 (enacted 4/6/91)    

Section 361 establishes a leave bank program for all Federal civilian employees in Reserves who were activated during Persian Gulf War. Within 30 days after date of enactment, OPM shall prescribe regulations necessary.

PL 102-27 Dire Emergency Supplemental Appropriations for Consequences of Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm, Food Stamps, Unemployment Compensation Administration, Veterans Compensation and Pensions, and Urgent Needs for the Fiscal Year Ending September 30, 1991 and For Other Purposes (enacted 4/10/91)

Title II, Chapter V provides for $232 million for SSI to be paid into the Trust Fund for administrative purposes and to remain available until 9/30/93; provides for an additional amount for the limitation on administrative expenses as authorized by section 201(g)(1) of the Social Security Act.

PL 102-84 Act to Designate the Federal Building being Constructed at 77 West Jackson Boulevard in Chicago, Illinois as the “Ralph H. Metcalfe Federal Building” (enacted 8/10/91)

Sections 1 and 2 designate this new building as the Ralph H. Metcalfe Federal Building, where a Social Security office will be located.

PL 102-107  Emergency Unemployment Compensation Act of 1991 (enacted 8/17/91)

Section 5 directs funds in unemployment compensation accounts (established under section 905 of the Social Security Act) to be used to make payments to States pursuant to this Act; requires the Sec. of Treasury to make payments to States from this account; authorizes appropriations of necessary funds as provided under Title III of the Social Security Act to States to assist in administration of agreement under the Act.
Section 9 amends section 908 of the Social Security Act to establish a council on unemployment compensation to evaluate program goals, performance, effectiveness, etc.

Continuing Appropriations Resolutions

PL 102-109 (10/1/91 - 10/29/91) (enacted 9/30/91)
PL 102-145 (10/29/91 - 11/14/91) (enacted 10/28/91)
PL 102-163 (11/14/91 - 11/26/91) (enacted 11/15/91)
Making continuing appropriations for FY 1992 at FY 1991 levels until enactment of permanent FY 1992 appropriations.

PL 102-119 Individuals with Disabilities Education Act Amendments of 1991(enacted 10/7/91)

Section 21 requires the creation of the Federal Interagency Coordinating Council to assist in the implementation of provision in the Act and minimize program duplication; members shall include representatives from appropriate Federal agencies including SSA. 

PL 102-141 Making Appropriations for the Treasury Department, the United States Postal Service, the Executive Office of the President, and Certain Independent Agencies, for the Fiscal Year Ending September 1992, and for Other Purposes (enacted 10/28/91)

Title VI, section 602 directs that agencies receiving funds under this Act (or any other Act for FY 1992) must have in place drug-free workplace policies.

PL 102-154 Supplemental Appropriations (enacted 11/13/91)

Provides appropriations for HHS Indian Health Service, provided the amounts collected by the Sec  will be available for 2 FYs after the FY in which they were collected. 

PL 102-164 To Provide a Program of Federal Supplemental Compensation and for Other Purposes (enacted 11/15/91)

Section 606 amends Title IV of the Social Security Act to permit the Sec. of Education to obtain information, upon request and on a reimbursable basis, from the files and records maintained by any department, agency or instrumentality of the US concerning the most recent address and current employer of any individual who has defaulted on repayment of a Federally-sponsored loan or owing a refund on any O/P under PL 89-329, the Higher Education Act. 

PL 102-170 Making Appropriations for the Department of Labor, Heath and Human Services, and Education, and Related Agencies, for the Fiscal Year ending September 1992 and for Other Purposes (enacted 11/26/91)

Title II provides funding for SSA for FY 1992 including payments to the Federal OASI and Federal DI Trust Funds; allots $13 billion for SSI program costs; provides additional funds for the SSA LAE Account; appropriates funding for the administration of Title IV of the Federal Mine Safety and Health Act, including payment for travel expenses incident to medical examinations, reconsideration interviews and proceedings before ALJs.  

PL 102-171 Aroostook Band of Micmacs Settlement Act (enacted 11/26/91)

Section 9 excludes payments to be made to the Aroostook Band of Micmacs from consideration by any Federal agency or department for purposes of determining eligibility for or calculating payments under any Federal financial aid program, including SSI.

PL 102-175 Senior Service Improvement Act (enacted 12/2/91)

Amends the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978 relating to the Senior Executive Service (SES).

PL 102-194 High Performance Computing Act of 1991(enacted 12/9/91)

Section 101 creates a High Performance Computing Program which provides for greater interagency coordination of computing research, development and networking; the Director of Science and Technology Policy shall submit an annual report and budget requests to Congress describing implementation of the program, including information relating to relevant programs and activities of each Federal agency.

PL 102-227 Tax Extension Act of 1991 (enacted 12/11/91)

Section 103 extends exclusion from income tax and Social Security purposes expenses incurred by employer for qualified educational assistance programs; apply to taxable year beginning after 12/31/91.
Section 104 extends exclusion of amounts contributed by employer to, or received by an employee from, a qualified group legal services plan; apply to taxable year beginning after 12/31/91.

PL 102-237 Food, Agriculture, Conservation, and Trade Act Amendments of 1991(enacted 12/13/91)

Section 905 amends the Food Stamp Act to provide that individuals receiving SSI will automatically be deemed to have satisfied resource limitations.

PL 102-265 An Act to Amend the Food Stamp Act of 1977, to Make Technical Correction Relating to Exclusions from Income Under Food Stamp Program and for Other Purposes (enacted 3/26/92)

Section 1 amends the Food Stamp Act of 1977 to include blind Social Security recipients as individuals whose benefits are allocated to self-support accounts and not considered income.

Amendments in subsection (a) take effect the earlier of(A) 12/13/91; (B) 10/1/90 for food stamp households for which the State agency knew, or had notice that a member of house had a plan for achieving self-support; or (C) beginning on date fair hearing requested.

PL 102-312 Bill To designate the Federal building located at 1520 Market Street, St. Louis, Missouri, as the `L. Douglas Abram Federal Building'(enacted 7/2/92)

This Act changes the name of the Federal building where the downtown St. Louis Social Security office is located.

PL 102-313 To designate the Federal building located at 78 Center Street in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, as the `Silvio O. Conte Federal Building', and for other purposes. (enacted 7/2/92)

Sections 1 – 3 change the name of the Federal building where this Social Security office is located.

PL 102-325 Higher Education Amendments of 1992 (enacted 7/23/92)

Section 484 directs the Education Sec. to cooperate with the COSS to verify the SSN of all students of eligible institutions under the Act.

PL 102-354 Administrative Procedure Technical Amendments Act of 1991 (enacted 8/26/92)

This Act recodifies provisions of the Administrative Conference Act and the Negotiated Rulemaking Act of 1990; amends the Administrative Dispute Resolution Act to redefine "issue in controversy" to include an issue in dispute between persons who would be substantially affected by an agency's decision on the matter.

PL 102-368 Supplemental Appropriations, Transfers, and Rescissions Act of 1992(enacted 9/23/92)

Section 901 permits Federal agencies to accept gifts from non-governmental sources for unanticipated expenses incurred by agency employees in regions designated as disaster areas resulting from Hurricane Andrew and Typhoon Omar; requires agencies to establish written procedures to implement this provision. 

PL 102-375 Older Americans Act Amendments of 1992 (enacted 9/30/92)

Title 2 Administration
Section 202 directs Administration on Aging (AOA) Commissioner to encourage State and local agencies to carry out outreach programs to inform older individuals of eligibility for SSI, Medicaid and Food Stamp programs.
Section 203 requires the head of any Federal agency administering programs similar to those outlined in this Act to cooperate and consult with AOA Commissioner.

Continuing Appropriations Resolutions (enacted 10/1/92)

PL 102-376 (10/1/92 - 10/5/92)
Making continuing appropriations for FY 1993 at FY 1992 levels until enactment of permanent FY 1993 appropriations.

PL 102-378 Technical and Miscellaneous Civil Service Amendments Act of 1992 (enacted 10/2/92)

Makes technical amendments to PL 101-105, the Federal Law Enforcement Pay Reform Act of 1990; PL 91-656, the Federal Pay Comparability Act of 1970; and PL 95-521, the Ethics and Government Act of 1978.  

PL 102-386 Federal Facility Compliance Act of 1992 (enacted 10/2/92)

Title II requires Federal agencies to separate waste materials for purposes of recycling; permits those agencies to use funds received from their efforts to promote additional recycling; effective 5/20/92. 

102-393 Treasury, Postal Service, and General Government Appropriations Act, 1993 (enacted 10/6/92)

Title VII Social Security Notch Fairness
Section 702 establishes the Commission on Social Security Notch Fairness Investigatory Commission, comprised of 12 members.
Section 703 authorizes the Commission to conduct a study of all matters relating to disparity under the Social Security Act known as the notch problem.
Section 704 requires the Commission to submit a report to the President and Congress no later than 90 days from first meeting.
Section 705 allows the Commission to hold hearings, take testimony and receive evidence necessary for carrying out the provisions in this title.
Section 709 provides that the Commission will be dissolved not more than 60 days after submitting its report to Congress.

PL 102-394 Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, FY 1993 (enacted 10/6/92)

Title II provides $35 million for Federal OASI and Federal DI Trust Funds; provides $601 million for continued implementation of Title IV of the Federal Mine Health and Safety Act of 1977; provides $14 billion to SSA for carrying out Titles XI and XVI, including payments to the Trust Funds for administrative expenses incurred pursuant to section 201(g)(1) of the Social Security Act, for making necessary benefit payments to individuals under Title XVI for unanticipated costs; provides $7 billion for carrying out Title XVI for the first quarter of FY 1994; provides $4.2 billion for the LAE account. 

PL 102-426 Community Environmental Response Facilitation Act (enacted 10/19/92)

Section 3 requires the head of any Federal agency to identify portions of its property where neither hazardous waste nor petroleum products have been stored, released or disposed of, prior to terminating government use of such property.

PL 102-434 To Designate the Building Located at 60 North Hughey Avenue in Orlando, Florida as the ‘George C. Young United States Courthouse and Federal Building’ (enacted 10/23/92)

Section 1 changes the name of the Federal building where this Social Security office is located.

PL 102-445 To Designated the Federal Building Located at 200 federal Plaza in Paterson, New Jersey as the ‘Robert A. Roe Federal Building’(enacted 10/23/92)

Section 1 changes the name of the Federal building where this Social Security office is located.

PL 102-486 Energy Policy of 1992 (enacted 10/24/92)

Section 19143 amends the IRC by adding Subtitle J; establishes the United Mine Workers Combined Benefit Plan; requires SSA and other agencies provide to the HHS Sec. upon request such information as might be required to assist in the implementation of this provision.

PL 102-496 Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1993 (enacted 10/24/92)

Title VIII - Restatement of CIARDS Statute,
Section 802 amends the Central Intelligence Agency Retirement Act of 1964 by adding the following sections:
Section 211 offsets Social Security taxes for participants under CIARDS.
Section 221 requires information from SSA to compute annuities under CIARDS.
Section 252 limits the effect of entitlement on Social Security benefits by excluding military service after 1956 from determining the period of service on which an annuity is based if the participant (his or her family, children, etc.) is entitled at the time of determination to old-age or survivor’s benefits; requires redetermination of benefits for individuals with military service not excludable under this section upon reaching age 62 (redetermination is not required where individual became eligible prior to 1982).

PL 102-539 Mammography Quality Standards Act of 1992 (enacted 10/27/92)

This Act creates procedures for the certification of mammography facilities; authorizes a study by GAO to determine if certification leads to greater quality of, and/or accessibility to, mammography facilities.

No facility may conduct mammography exam procedures after 10/1/94 without certification or provisional certificates.
Section 354(d)(2) provides that if the Sec. denies an application for certification of a facility, then the Sec. shall provide opportunity for an appeal in accordance with procedures set forth in regulations published at 42 CFR 498.

PL 102-550 Housing and Community Development Act of 1992 (enacted 10/28/92)

Section 1404 amends Title IV of PL 100-77, the Stewart B. McKinney Homeless Assistance Act, by inserting subtitle D, including section 439 which prohibits SSA from reducing SSI benefits of homeless individuals participating in “Safe Havens” demonstration programs; prevents such individuals from being considered an inmate of a public institution.

PL 102-569 Rehabilitation Act Amendments of 1992 (enacted 10/29/92)

Section 122 requires that, wherever possible, existing information from other programs and providers (including SSA) be used to determine a candidate’s eligibility for vocational rehabilitation.
Section 137 directs the Sec. of HHS to enter into a MOU with Rehabilitative Services Administration (RSA) and SSA providing for the exchange of data regarding clients of State vocational rehabilitation agencies and the protection of such information; requires Secs. of Education and HHS to enter into a MOU providing for the exchange of data between the RSA and SSA.