Social Security Numbers

The First Card & the Lowest Number
The full story of who got the first Social Security card (and when) and who received the lowest number, and why.

SSNs Issued By Woolworth?
The story of the most misused Social Security number in history.

The SSN "Dog Tag" Story
The plan that never was.

The Design of the Social Security Card
The story of the man who designed the Social Security card.

History of Design Versions of the SSN Card
Narrative descriptions of the 34 different versions of the card that have been in use throughout the years.

The SSN Numbering Scheme
The first three digits of the SSN are a geographical code.

Forms and Explanatory Materials Used in 1936
Images of the forms and explanatory materials used in the original Social Security number issuance process in late 1936.

1953 Pamphlet
Pamphlet issued to the public in 1953 to explain the purpose and use of the SSN.

Significant Milestones in Social Security Number Policy
A detailed chronology of the major changes in policy and procedures.

New Social Security Numbers Issued Year-by-Year