Social Security U.S.A.-- The Program & Its Administration


A LAW, at first, is only a piece of paper. It grows into a living reality through the way in which it is administered. In administering the social security law, our objective is to give friendly, helpful, and sympathetic service to all . . . service characterized by the prompt, efficent handling of the work of the program at as low a cost as possible.

Our most import goal is to pay benefits promptly and accurately when they are due--to the right person, in the right amount, at the right address, and on time.

In performing the many tasks necessary to achieve that goal we try to give the full measure of service to which the public is entitled--

  • providing objective, uniform, and equal treatment of all
  • operating under polciies and procedures that are as little burdensome on the public as possible, but which at the same time offer adequate assurance that the statutory provisions are being carried out
  • keeping accurate, up-to-date records
  • letting people know about their rights and responsibilities under the program.

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