History of SSA 1993 - 2000


The retrospective information in this Administrative History demonstrates SSA's success in administering its programs and managing the resources entrusted to it. This narrative provides a snapshot of the Agency's performance during the past eight years. However, the status of SSA would not be complete without providing a sense of the challenges the future may bring. These challenges include long-term solvency of the Social Security program and commitment to world-class service as well as issues that have a more immediate impact on Agency operations, including SSI and DI management improvement and fraud prevention and detection. While these issues are challenging, the Agency has the policies and plans in place to ensure they will be adequately addressed.

To help address these challenges, SSA released its 2010 Vision document. It provides a view of SSA's service in the 21st century and a strategy to align the Agency's budget, human resources and technology to accomplish the significant workload growth expected over the next decade. As SSA enters the new millennium, it is mindful of the purpose of the Social Security program as an "American Cornerstone" which has served the nation in providing economic security to the American public for 65 years. SSA is committed to meeting its stewardship responsibilities while providing the best quality service to its customers.