History of SSA During the Johnson Administration 1963-1968



Recent Improvements in YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY (SSI-1967-1)
Outline of changes made by 19 7 amendments to the old-age, survivors, disability, hospital, and medical insurance programs.

1967 Social Security Amendments (SSI-1967-6)
A discussion of how the amendments affect almost all Americans, whether working or retired.

Your Medicare Handbook (SSI-50)
The primary informational vehicle to communicate Medicare provisions to beneficiaries. Reflects changes made by 1967 amendments. A copy was mailed to each beneficiary..

An Important Announcement to the Health Care Community about the 1967 Changes in Medicare (SSI-1967-8) Information for physicians, hospital administrators, and members of professional health care organizations on major changes in Medicare.

A Brief Explanation of Medicare, HEALTH INSURANCE FOR FEOPLE 65 OR OLDER
Brief explanation of major benefits of Medicare. Includes 1967 amendment changes.

Recent Improvements in Medicare (SSI-1967-2)
Brief explanation of 1967 changes in Medicare. (Also available in Spanish - SSI-1967-2SP)

When You Enter a Hospital HOW DOES MEDICARE HELP (OASI-892)
Generally, explains Medicare benefits for inpatients. (Being revised to include 1967 changes.)

How Much Does Medicare Pay for OUTPATIENT HOSPITAL SERVICES (OASI-891)
Explains benefits and methods of payment for outpatient services. (Being revised to reflect significant changes made by 1967 amendments in transferring all outpatient services to medical insurance part of Medicare.)

Extended Care Benefits After Hospitalization under the Medicare Program (OASI-890)
Facts on extended care and requirements for coverage of such services. (Being revised to take account of 1967 changes.)

Medicare and the Extended Care Facility - WHAT IT MEANS TO YOU (OASI-893)
General explanation of extended care benefits. (Being revised to emphasize that program does not pay for custodial care.)

How Medicare Helps to Pay a Home Health Agency for Providing Your HOME HEALTH BENEFITS (OASI- 896)
Discusses home health benefits. (Being revised to include discussion of coverage of physical therapy.)

How to Claim Benefits under Medical Insurance (SSI-37)
Explanation of methods of payment for medical expenses and how benefits are determined. Includes the 1967 changes.

Your First $50 of Medical Insurance Expenses under Medicare Meets the Calendar Year Deductible (OASI- 894)
Explanation of deductible provisions. (Being revised to emphasize elimination of deductible for radiologists' and pathologists services, time limit for filing medical insurance claims, and the deductible carryover provisicns.)

Your Health Insurance (SSI-l4)
Explanation of Medicare for social security beneficiaries who will soon be age 65.

Almost 65? (OASI-877c)
Urges people approaching age 65 to investigate Medicare benefits.

Eight Reasons Why You Should Have "Doctor-Bill Insurance" (SSI-1967-5a)
Letter from Commissioner of Social Security urging hospital insurance beneficiaries to elect medical insurance benefits.

Letter to Social Security Beneficiaries (SSI-28)
Initial notice to beneficiaries approaching age 65 to sign up for medical insurance protection.

Letter to Social Security Beneficiaries (SSI-30)
Follow-up notice to SSI-28.

A Brief Outline of MEDICAL INSURANCE BENEFITS (Doctor-Bill Insurance) under Medicare (SSI-1967-5)
To be enclosed with SSI-1967-5a, SSI-28, and the.SSI-30. (Also printed in Spanish - SSI-1967-5SP)

Letter to Medicare Beneficiaries (SSI-6)
Accompanies mailing of beneficiaries health insurance cards, asks them.to check it, and tells how to use it.

Medical Insurance, Record of Medical Expenses (OASI-881C)
Folder provided to beneficiaries to record medical expenses and bills until they submit them for payment.

Your Medical Insurance Premium (SSI-1967-1) (Premium Stuffer)
Notified beneficiaries of increase in medical insurance premiums effective April 1968.

Special Message about Medicare for Railroad Retirement Beneficiaries Who Receive Social Security Payments (OASI-881e)
Explanation of how medical insurance premiums are deducted for railroad annuitants and where they should send their claims.

A Special Message to Medical Insurance Beneficiaries Who Are Members of Group Practice Prepayment Plans (OASI- 881-1)
Explanation of special methods of deductible computation for GPPP's. Also informs that it is not necessary to file Medicare claims for plan services.

For Physicians, A Reference Guide to Health Insurance Under Social Security (OASI-87)
Comprehensive explanation of Medicare for physicians. (Being revised to include the 1967 changes.)

Notes for the Office Assistant (SSI-18)
Short explanation of Medicare payment provisions under medical insurance. Also outlines what is necessary for properly filed claims.

Financing Your Social Security Benefits (SSI-36)
Facts on program financing and how old-age and survivors, disability, hospital, and medical insurance trust fund are kept in actuarial balance.

Individual copies of all pamphlets listed are available from social security district and branch offices throughout the country or from the Social Security Administration, Baltimore, Maryland, 21235. Bulk orders are sold at rates which vary with each publication. Inquiries about bulk orders should be addressed to the Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C., 20402.