History of SSA During the Johnson Administration 1963-1968

APPENDIX A- Exhibit-7


Atcheson, Topeka, and Santa Fe Hospital Association
Topeka, Kansas

Boro Medical Center
New York, New Yerk

Community Health Association
Detroit, Michigan

Community Health Foundation
Cleveland, Ohio

Family Health Program of Southern California
Long Beach, California

Group Health Cooperative of Puget Sound
Seattle, Washington

Group Health Plan, Inc.
St. Paul, Minnesota

Health Insurance Plan of Greater New York
New York, New York

Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc.
Oakland, California

Kansas City Southern Employees Hospital Association {1}
Kansas City, Missouri

La Societe Francaise de Bienfaisance Mutuelle
San Francisco, California

Louisiana and Arkansas Railway Employees Hospital Association
Shreveport, Louisiana

Local 1205 Health Center
Brooklyn, New York

Medical Institute of Local 88
St Louis, Missouri

NYSA-ILA Coordinating Committee
New York, New York

NYSA-PWU Welfare Fund
New York, New York

Philadelphia AFL-CIO Hospital Association
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Police and Firemen's Medical Association
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Santa Fe Coast Lines Hospital Association
Los Angeles, California

Southern Pacific Employees Hospital Association
San Francisco, California

St. Louis Labor Health Institute
St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis Southwestern Railway Hospital Trust {2}
Texarkana, Arkansas

Union Family Medical Fund of the Hotel Industry of NYC
New York, New York

United Mine Workers of America Retirement & Welfare Fund
Washington, D.C.

Wabash Memorial Hospital Association
Decatur, Illinois

Western Clinic
Tacoma, Washington

{1} Plan terminated operations on March 31, 1967.

{2} Effective July 1, 1967, this plan ceased operations.