History of SSA During the Johnson Administration 1963-1968

APPENDIX A- Exhibit-4




Alabama State Department of Public Health- Montgomery, Alabama
Alaska Alaska Department of Health and Welfare- Juneau, Alaska
Arizona State Department of Health- Phoenix, Arizona
Arkansas State Board of Health- Little Rock, Arkansas
California State Department of Public Health- Berkeley, California
Colorado State Department of Public Health- Denver, Colorado
Connecticut State Department of Health- Hartford, Connecticut
Delaware State Board of Health- Dover, Delaware
District of Columbia D.C. Health Department- Washington, D.C.
Florida State Board of Health- Jacksonville, Florida
Georgia Georgia Department of Public Health- Atlanta, Georgia
Guam Department of Public Health and Welfare- Agana, Guam
Hawaii Hawaii Department of Health- Honolulu, Hawaii
Idaho Idaho Department of Health- Boise, Idaho
Illinois Illinois Department of Public Health- Springfield, Illinois
Indiana State Board of Health- Indianapolis, Indiana
Iowa State Department of Health- Des Moines, Iowa
Kansas State Department of Health- Topeka, Kansas
Kentucky Commonwealth of Kentucky, Department of Health- Frankfort, Kentucky
Louisiana Louisiana Department of Hospitals- Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Maine Maine Department of Health and Welfare- Augusta., Maine
Maryland State Department of Health- Baltimore, Maryland
Massachusetts Massachusetts Department of Public Health- Boston, Massachusetts
Michigan Michigan Department of Health- Lansing, Michigan
Minnesota State Department of Health- Minneapolis, Minnesota
Mississippi Mississippi State Board of Health- Jackson, Mississippi
Missouri Division of Health- Jefferson City, Missouri
Montana State Board of Health- Helena, Montana
Nebraska State Department of Health- Lincoln, Nebraska
Nevada Division of Health- Carson City, Nevada
New Hampshire New Hampshire Division of Public Health- Concord, New Hampshire
New Jersey State Department of Health- Trenton, New Jersey
New Mexico New Mexico Department of Public Health- Sante Fe, New Mexico
New York New York State Department of Health- Albany, New York
North Carolina State Board of Health- Raleigh, North Carolina
North Dakota State Department of Health- Bismarck, North Dakota
Ohio Ohio Department of Health- Columbus, Ohio
Oklahoma State Department of Health- Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Oregon State Board of Health- Portland, Oregon
Pennsylvania Department of Health- Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Puerto Rico Puerto Rico Department of Health- San Juan, Puerto Rico
Rhode Island (except extended care facilities) Rhode Island Department of Health- Providence, Rhode Island
Rhode Island (extended care facilities only) Rhode Island Department of Social Welfare- Providence, Rhode Island
South Carolina State Board of Health- Columbia, South Carolina
South Dakota State Department of Health- Pierre, South Dakota
Tennessee Tennessee Department of Public Health- Nashville, Tennessee
Texas State Department of Health- Austin, Texas
Utah State Department of Health- Salt Lake City, Utah
Vermont Vermont Department of Health- Burlington, Vermont
Virgin Islands Virgin Islands Department of Health- Saint Thomas, Virgin Islands
Virginia State Department of Health- Richmond, Virginia
Washington State Department of Health- Olympia, Washington
West Virginia State Department of Health- Charleston, West Virginia
Wisconsin State Board of Health- Madison, Wisconsin
Wyoming State Department of Public Health- Cheyenne, Wyoming
Note: The Government of American Samoa, the sole operator of medical facilities in that territory, has appointed an Administrative Officer to confer with DHEW with regard to the Medicare program.