Statements about the independence legislation

"Yesterday, Social Security turned 59 years old. Today, it is reborn as an independent agency. What a great birthday present for the American people. Mr. President, by making the Social Security Administration an independent agency, you are renewing the pledge made by Franklin Roosevelt in 1935--to 'give some measure of protection to the average citizen and to his family against the loss of a job and against poverty-stricken old age.' . . Fifty-nine years from today we will look back at this day and know that our commitment to the American people has not faltered, but matured gracefully over the years."
Secretary of Health & Human Services, Donna Shalala, 8/15/94

"Mr. President, this bill comes to you from a unanimous Senate and a unanimous House of Representatives... There are 42 million people now receiving Social Security, and 135 million Americans pay into the fund. These are, in the truest sense, stockholders in this great enterprise, and they are entitled to the understanding that it is independent, vigilant and sound. This legislation, I believe, ensures this. . ."
Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, (D-NY), Former Chairman, Senate Finance Committee, 8/15/94

"An independent Social Security Administration is the first step inrestoring public confidence in America's social security system. The new Social Security Administration will be a far more efficient, far more vigilant, and far more responsive agency for Oregonians and all Americans who depend on Social Security programs."
Senator Bob Packwood (R-OR) Former Ranking Minority Member, Senate Finance Committee, 8/15/94

"Sixty years ago an infant was born here--Social Security. Today, it has become an independent institution. In all those 60 years, it has kept its word, it has kept to its mark, it is sound, it is solvent, it is independent, and it is as free as anything can be in a democratic society from political manipulation. And so we celebrate that. . ."
Congressman Sam Gibbons (D-FL), Former Acting Chairman, HouseWays & Means Committee, 8/15/94

"I am extremely pleased to be here today, in support of the conference agreement... which represents the culmination of congressional action I helped initiate over a decade ago. Bringing soundness to the Social Security system has been one of my chief legislative priorities... We owe it not just to our senior citizens, but to our children and the obligations we leave them."
Congressman Bill Archer (R-TX), Former Ranking Minority Member,House Ways & Means Committee, 08/11/94

"Now on this l1th day of August, 1994, A.D., the Liberty Bell can ring for the Social Security system. The House of Representatives, by what it is about to do, will take the final action in a 10-year effort ... to make a declaration of independence for the Social Security system."
Congressman Andy Jacobs, (D-IN), Former Chairman, House SocialSecurity Subcommittee, 08/11/94

"I rise enthusiastically in support of (the independence legislation) and urge my colleagues to join me in once again approving this monumental piece of legislation to restore independence to the Social Security Administration."
Congressman Jim Bunning (R-KY), Former Ranking Minority Member,House Social Security Subcommittee, 08/11/94