Topics in the History of the Social Security Administration

A few items concerning the number of facilities of various types over the years--

SSA's Activities in Support of the 1980 Cuban Boat Lift--

A National Tragedy
The Oklahoma City bombing--

How SSA Came to Move to Baltimore in 1936
This article describes the establishment of SSA's operations in Baltimore--where the whole of headquarters would eventually locate.

Operations Over the Years
Selected topics in the administrative operations of the Social Security Administration--

Your Social Security Record--1955
Booklet from December 1955 explaining in detail the process of establishing Social Security account number and wage-reporting records.

Social Security U.S.A.--1964
Booklet from September 1964 giving an illustrated account of the Social Security program and recent developments in SSA's administration of the program.

History of the Children's Bureau
History of the federal organization which is responsible for child health and welfare.

Announcement of 1965 SSA Reorganization
Following passage of the 1965 Amendments, SSA undertook a major reorganization--in part to accommodate the new Medicare program, but also to realize other administrative objectives. In these audio clips, Bob Ball, Commissioner of SSA, announces and explains the reorganization.

Report on Implementation of Medicare
In December 1965 SSA Commissioner Bob Ball made this report to the top SSA staff on the implementation efforts for the new Medicare program and the other parts of the 1965 Amendments.

President Johnson Comes to Baltimore
In 1966 President Lyndon Johnson traveled to Baltimore to speak at the Annual SSA Awards Ceremony.

SSA Accomplishments 1997-2001
A brief list of initiatives and accomplishments during this four-year period.

Placing of Historical Marker on the Candler Building
On October 1, 2003, SSA placed an historical marker on the Candler Building in Baltimore's Inner Harbor, to commemorate this site as SSA's first operational Headquarters.

20th Anniversary of SSA's Website
In 2014, Social Security proudly celebrated 20 years of online services and presented here are various internet milestones over the years.