The Commission on the Social Security "Notch" Issue


Presidential Appointees   Corinne Boggs, Former Member, U.S. House of Representatives

Alan "Scotty" Campbell (Chairman), Executive Vice President and Vice Chairman (Retired), ARAMARK

Robert Froehlke, Former President/Chief Executive Officer, IDS Mutual Funds Group

Gwendolyn King, Senior Vice President for Corporate and Public Affairs, PECO Energy Co.; Former Commissioner, Social Security Administration
John E. Cogan, Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution; Former Deputy Director, Office of Management and Budget

Robert J. Myers, Former Chief Actuary, Social Security Administration

Patricia Owens, Former Associate Commissioner for Disability, Social Security Administration

Carolyn Weaver, Director of Social Security and Pension Studies, American Enterprise Institute; Former Cbief Professional Staff Member on Social Security for U.S. Senate Finance Committee
House of Representatives Appointees Barber Conable, Former Member, U.S. House of Representatives; Former President, World Bank

James C. Corman, Former Member, U.S. House of Representatives

Carroll L. Estes, Director of Institute for Health and Aging, University of California at San Francisco

Arthur L. Singleton, Writer and Consultant on Government; Former Minority Staff Chief, Ways and Means Committee
William H. Foster, Staff Director

Karen K. Norrell, Executive Officer

Ruth A. Miller, SpecialAssistant