The Schlabach Papers

Professor Theron Schlabach of Goshen College authored two important early works relating to the history of social insurance. His masterful biography of Edwin Witte, "Edwin Witte" Cautious Reformer" is both the definitive work on Witte and his career and an instructive guide to many of the issues which arose in the early years of the Social Security system. And his unpublished study "Rationality and Welfare: Public Discussion of Poverty and Social Insurance in the United States 1875-1935" is one of the best sources for developments in the pre-Social Security era.

As part of his research for these two projects, Professor Schlabach accumulated a large cache of papers, microfilm, news clippings, etc. related to his two research topics. In late 2001 he generously donated these papers to the SSA History Archives. The Schlabach Papers thus take their place among the unique research collections available in the SSA History Archives.

Schlabach presents papers

Professor Schlabach (left) and Mrs. Schlabach present his Papers to SSA Historian, Larry DeWitt, 10/18/01.
SSA History Archives photo.

Inventory of the Papers

Collection Located in Offsite Storage Area #2.

(The Papers were processed and inventoried by our Stay-In-School Student Aid, Chinara Vaughn, during the summer of 2002.)
Box S-1
Folders:1-9-Schlabach Thesis Ch8 Social Security IV Advisor, Ch9 Social Security V Guardian Of Sound Principles, Chapter 10 Mediator, Schlabach Thesis Ch11- Professor, Schlabach Ch6 Social Security II: Executive Director, Ch2: Student Of John R. Commons, Ch3: Servant Of Wisconsin, Ch4: Author Of Labor Disputes Law, Ch5, Ch1- An Overall View of Social Security and its History, Ch1- Path to a Reform Career
Folder:10-Post 1935 Social Security
Folder:11-Schlabach- Harper
Folder:12-Post-Ces Report
Folder:13-Abstract Of Witte's : Cautious Reformer
Folder:14-SBox S-CEBox S-Econ sec bill-House Comm. Hearings.
Folder:15-Professor of Reality- Edwin Witte's Defense of the Social Security Act of 1935
Folder:16-Schlabach's notes on Witte's biography

Box S-2
Folder:1- Thesis Bibliography
Folder:2-Rationality and Welfare 1875-1935
Folder:3- Wisconsin Magazine of History
Folder:4- Ch1- Birth of a Conflict
Folder:5- Drawing the Lines of Battle
Folder:6-Ch 4- Compromise
Folder:7- Pensions for Professors
Folder:8- Notable American Women-(Kate Macy Ladd)
Folder:9-Outlines for Thesis
Folder:10- The Conservative as Radical
Folder:11- From Ebeneezer to Madison
Folder:12- Research Cards(chart relief, org. labor, bus. leaders, muckrakers, radicals, churches, labor periodicals, post 1935, charity)

Box S-3
Folder:1- Business
Folder:2- Business
Folder:3- Business
Folder:4- Business
Folder:5- Social Security Act & Employee Benefit Plans
Folder:6- Academics and labor reform
Folder:7- Reference Guides For Labor Research- Francis Gates
Folder:8- Correspondence letters
Folder:9- Correspondence letters
Folder:10-Thesis on Chambers book
Folder:11-History of the Movement for Compulsory Health Insurance in the U.S.

Box S-4
Folder:1- SI Foreign Roots
Folder:2- AAOABox S- National Conference Proceedings
Folder:3- American Labor Legislation Review (Health Insurance)
Folder:4- Cooperative Research and Demonstration Grant Program
Box S-5
Folder:1- Misc. commentators
Folder:2- Church leaders
Folder:3- CSW III (Charity relief and Social Work)
Folder:4- CSW IV(Charity relief and Social Work)
Folder:5- CSW V(Charity relief and Social Work)
Folder:6-CSW VII(Charity relief and Social Work)
Folder:7- Expert Social insurance propagandists
Folder:8- CSW I (Charity relief and Social Work)
Folder:9- CSW VI (Charity relief and Social Work)
Folder:10- CSW II (Charity relief and Social Work)

Box S-6
Folder:1- Expert Social Insurance Propagandists
Folder:2- Ch 11 rough draft
Folder:3- SS. Unemployment comp.
Folder:4- SS. Consultant plans & finance
Folder:5- SS. Ideological & theoretical
Folder:6- SS. Ac & financing
Folder:7- Essay on sources
Folder:8- Academics
Folder:9- Admin. Defenders
Folder:10- Pre AC
Folder:11- Information itinerary Madison
Folder:12- Labor law
Folder:13- Bibliography General misc.
Folder:14- SS material
Folder:15- Schlabach Witte papers
Folder:16- Procedures
Folder:17- Social Philosophy

Box S-7
Folder:1- Archives sources
Folder:2- Literature
Folder:3- Conservative attackers
Folder:4- Post AC
-Microfilm Box S-
1- Microfilm- John M. Glasgow- The Compulsory Health Insurance Movement in the U.S
2- Microfilm- Gordon M. Jensen- The National Civic Fed: American Business in an Age of
Social Change & Social Reform, 1900-1910
3- Microfilm- Milton Farber Jr.: Changing Attitudes of the American Federation of Labor
Towards Business and Government, 1929-1933
4- Microfilm- Louis Leotta Jr.: Abraham Epstein & the Movement for Social Security 1920-1939
5- Microfilm- Daniel M. Nelson: The Development of Unemployment Insurance in the United
States, 1915-1935
6- Microfilm- David H. Clark: An Analytical View of the History of History of Health Insurance,
7- Microfilm- James T. Richardson: Growth and Development of Group Hospitalization in the
United States
8- Microfilm- O.W. Anderson: The Health Insurance Movement in the U.S
9- Microfilm- American Public Welfare Association
10- Microfilm- John Bradley, 1962
Assorted bibliography cards

Box S-8
Folder:1-Downing family
Folder:2- Downing family
Folder:3- Pensions
Folder:4- Picketing
Folder:5- Child Labor
Folder:6- Strikes/ Disputes
Folder:7- Payment of Wages
Folder:8- Employment agencies
Folder:9- Bakeries
Folder:10- Workmen's Compensation
Folder:11- Unemployment Compensation
Folder:12- Paid List for Legislative Proceedings
Folder:13- Newspaper clippings (employment industries)
Folder:14- Law Practices
Folder:15- Hours Labor for Women
Folder:16- Security of Payment
Folder:17-Bills in 1917 Legislature affecting Industrial Commission
Folder:18- Bills in 1919 Legislature affecting Industrial Commission

Box S-9
Folder:1- Wisconsin Labor laws 1913
Folder:2- Acts of 1919 Legislation affecting the Industrial position
Folder:3- Acts of 1919 Legislation affecting the Industrial position (Senate)
Folder:4- Light, Heat. Phone
Folder:5- CES 3 Issues
Folder:6- Injunctions
Folder:7- LHR correspondent
Folder:8- Labor law
Folder:9- First draft of Chapter 5
Folder:10- OA Pensions and History
Folder:11-Boyhood and Family
Folder:12- Opening Pages
Folder:13- Academics
Witte's research cards

Box S-10
Folder:1- Chapter 10 Labor Mediator
Folder:2- Chapter 6 & 7 draft
Folder:3- Documents Chapter 11
Folder:4- Chap 3 Notes
Folder:5- Chap 2 Notes
Folder:6- European Voluntary Association
Folder:7- Chap 2
Folder:8- Wartime Wash NWLB
Folder:9- Labor Law Postwar
Folder:10- Western Union
Folder:11- Minutes
Folder:12-Chap 5 Notes
Folder:13- WLB
Folder:14- Edwin Witte Cautious Reformer
Folder:15- Misc.

Box S-11
Folder:1- Med & Arb General
Folder:2- Chap 10 & 11
Folder:3- Foundry Cases
Folder:4- Chapter Notes
Folder:5- General Accounts
Folder:6- Thesis filing system
Folder:7- Preliminary Inventories WWI
Folder:8- U.C. Discarded files
Folder:9- Witte articles & addresses
Folder:10- Bibliography
Folder:11- Conservatives objections
Folder:12-Radicals objections
Folder:13- Social Insurance Theory Objections
Folder:14- Legs History

Box S-12
Folder:1- Post CES
Folder:2-Informal Advisors
Folder:3- Relief vs. SI
Folder:4- Industrial Commissions & Labor Law
Folder:5- Witte role ambiguous
Folder:6- I.A. Structure
Folder:7- The Task
Folder:8- Schlabach Ch 5
Folder:9- General accounts of CES
Folder:10- Thereon life article
Folder:11- Legislation Reference
Folder:12- UC
Folder:13- OAS
Folder:14- Witte's Cautious Reformer

Box S-13
Folder:1- Misc.
Folder:2- Misc.
Folder:3- Misc.
Folder:4- Misc.
Folder:5- de Schweinitz
Folder:6- Unions
Folder:7- Rationality and Welfare
Folder:8- Misc.
Folder:9- Misc.
Folder:11- Extra pages

Box S-14
Folder:1- Misc.
Folder:2- Misc.
Folder:3- Misc.
Folder:4- Chap 4
Folder:5- Experts 1st Draft
Folder:6- Chap 1

Box S-15
Folder:1- Radicals
Folder:2- Insurance and Fraternal orders
Folder:3- P.I
Folder:4- Government

Box S-16
Folder:1- Misc. files alphabetized J-Z (Pauperism, Insurance)
Folder:2- Misc. files alphabetized N-O (Pauperism, Insurance)
Folder:3- Misc. files alphabetized M (Pauperism, Insurance)
Folder:4- Misc. files alphabetized P-L (Pauperism, Insurance)
Folder:5- Misc. files alphabetized S (State Charity)
Folder:6- Misc. files alphabetized T-V
Folder:7- Misc. files alphabetized W-Z
Folder:8- Welfare
Folder:9- Social Welfare
Folder:10- Social Insurance essay
Folder:11- Schlabach-Witte book
Folder:12- Article
Folder:13- Rationality
Folder:14-Membership applications

Box S-17
Folder:1- Misc.
Folder:2- Misc.
Folder:3- Misc.
Folder:4- Composition book- Introduction to Civilization
Folder:5- The Far East
Folder:6- Recent American History
Folder:7- Recent American History
Folder:8- American History

Box S-18
Folder:1- CIV- Scholastics
Folder:2- Latin American History
Folder:3- Misc. Roosevelt
Folder:4- Misc.
Folder:5- Suggestions for Book Review
Folder:6- Sociology
Folder:7- Economics
Folder:8- American Government
Folder:9- Small Groups
Folder:10- Social Problems
Folder:11- Misc.(Witte)
Folder:12- Misc. (Witte)
Folder:13- Masters thesis notes
Folder:14- Secondary Sources Carnegie writings
Folder:15- Primary Sources Correspondence

Box S-19
Folder:2- Andrew Carnegie
Folder:3- Preface (Carnegie)
Folder:4- Draft of Master Thesis
Folder:5- Old Age Security
Folder:6- Notes on books read
Folder:7- Misc. College papers
Folder:8- College reading
Folder:9- Sr. Seminar Draft
Folder:10- Reference Book of Chemical Data
Folder:11-Economics Book
Folder:12- American Literature