Lektriever 2 Files

Lateral File #1
Among the important special collections in this file are Robert Myers' papers on the work of the Greenspan Commission and SSA's internally-produced Legislative Bulletins and other reports.

Drawer #1:

Drawer #2: Commissioner's Bulletins/Legislative Bulletins/Newbytes, Etc.
Workload Unit Costs Report
Workload Trend Report
Key Workload Indicators Report

Program Policy Directives - 4/77 - 1/80
News Bytes - 1996
News Bytes - 1997
News Bytes - 1998
News Bytes - 1999
News Bytes - 2000
News Bytes - Index
Legislative Bulletins - 1974 - 1976
Legislative Bulletins - 1977 - 1978
Legislative Bulletins - 1979
Legislative Bulletins - 1980
Legislative Bulletins - 1990
Legislative Bulletins - 2000
Commissioner's Bulletins/Broadcasts - 1992
Commissioner's Bulletins/Broadcasts - 1993
Commissioner's Bulletins/Broadcasts - 1994
Commissioner's Bulletins/Broadcasts - 1995
Commissioner's Bulletins/Broadcasts - 1996
Commissioner's Bulletins/Broadcasts - 1997
Commissioner's Bulletins/Broadcasts - 1998
Commissioner's Bulletins/Broadcasts - 1999
Commissioner's Bulletins/Broadcasts - 2000
Commissioner's Bulletins/Broadcasts - Index

Drawer #3: National Conference of State Social Security Administrators

Introductory Folder:

A History of the National Conference of State Social Security Administrators 1950-1973
A History of the National Conference of State Social Security Administrators 1973-1983

Folder 1:
Proceedings of the National Conference of State Social Security Administrators, 1985-1987, 1990

Folder 2:
Proceedings of the National Conference of State Social Security Administrators, 1979-1982

Folder 3:
Proceedings of the National Conference of State Social Security Administrators, 1975-1978

Folder 4:
Proceedings of the National Conference of State Social Security Administrators, 1972-1974
Minutes of the 20th Annual Conference, 1970
Survey of State Operations, 1972

Folder 5:
Proceedings of the National Conference of State Social Security Administrators, 1966-1969
Minutes of the 18th Annual Conference, 1968
Minutes of the 17th Annual Conference, 1967

Folder 6:
Report on Federal/State Procedures, 1965
Proceedings of the National Conference of State Social Security Administrators, 1964, Parts 1 & 2
Proceedings of the National Conference of State Social Security Administrators, 1961-1963

Folder 7:
Consolidated Report of the President, 1959-1961
Proceedings of the National Conference of State Social Security Administrators, 1956-1959
Report of the Public Employees Retirement O.A.S.I. Administrators, 1952

Drawer #4: Oral History Materials
Columbia University - Oral Histories - Microfiches
Altmeyer, Arthur
Armstrong, Barbara
Bane, Frank
Ball, Robert M.
Ballantyne, Harry
Borgen, Herb
Brown, Douglas
Burns, Eveline
Bynum, Robert P.
Callahan, John J.
Cohen, Wilbur J.
Corson, John J.
Cruikshank, Nelson
D'Angelo, Luciano
David, Alvin
Derthick, Alvin
DiPentima, Renato A. (Renny)
Enoff, Louis D.
Failla, George
Falk, Isidore S.
Freedman, Milt
Hess, Arthur E.
Kopelman, David
Latimer, Murray
Levine, Manuel (Manny)
Lupton, Elmer
Manzano, Chick
McElvain, Joseph
McKenna, Hugh F.
Mulliner, Maurine
Murray, Merrill
Myers, Robert J.
Orchard, Claude
Register, Wayman
Ritter, John C.
Ross, Mary
Ross, Stanford G.
Sander, Ken
Schmulowitz, Jack
Simermeyer, Arthur F.
Steinhorn, Lillie
Tall, Ed
Tallman, Ernest
Tyssowski, Mildred L.
Way, Elwood
Davis, Rhoda
Lieberman, Huldah
Thompson, Lawrence H.
Hutchinson, Clark Bane
Chater, Shirley
Pierce, Ruth
Wynkoop, Roy

Drawer #5: Misc. Research Materials
Part 1 - Program History
Part 2 - Customers
Part 3 - Operations
Part 4 - Organizations & People
Part 5 - Technology
Part 6 - Conclusions
Appendix 1
Appendix 2
Appendix 3
Appendix 4
Appendix 5
Odds & Ends
Copyright Issues for Web
Presidential Libraries
Pamphlets & Public Information Materials-1930s
Pamphlets & Public Information Materials-1930s (Folder 2)
Pamphlets & Public Information Materials-1940s
Pamphlets & Public Information Materials-1940s (Folder 2)
Pamphlets & Public Information Materials-1950s
Pamphlets & Public Information Materials-1960s
Pamphlets & Public Information Materials-1960s (Folder 2)
Pamphlets & Public Information Materials-1970s
Pamphlets & Public Information Materials-1980s
Pamphlets & Public Information Materials-1990s

Lateral File #2
This file contains the papers of key Social Security figures, including: Arthur Altmeyer; Robert Ball and Wilbur Cohen. The Altmeyer Papers are duplicates of the most important documents in the Altmeyer papers held by the State Historical Society of Wisconsin. The Cohen Papers are documents gathered by Professor Edward Berkowitz during his research on his biography of Cohen. The Ball papers are a mix of his official speeches and materials generated during his tenure as a top SSA official.

Drawer #1: The Arthur Altmeyer Papers (Continued)
AJA - Memorabilia
AJA- Memos
AJA - Middle East
AJA - Mine Workers Pension Fund
AJA- Misc.
AJA - Myers, Bob
ALJ - McNutt Speech Incident
ALJ - Morgenthau on Self-Supporting
AJA - Naming of Altmeyer Building
AJA - National Conference of Social Work
AJA - National Industrial Group Pension Plan
AJA - Newspaper Clippings
AJA- OASIS Stories
AJA - Oral History Interview
AJA - Organizational Matters
AJA - Operations
AJA - Oral History
AJA - Pension Plans (General)
AJA - Perkins, Frances
AJA - Political Matters
AJA - Press Clippings
AJA - Privacy & Confidentiality
AJA - Private Sector Pension Plans
AJA - Program Proposals
AJA - Public Assistance
AJA - Quotes
AJA - Radio Forum
AJA - Retirement Fund Coat & Suit Industry
AJA - Retirement Test
AJA - Role of Lawyers
AJA - Salzburg Seminars
AJA - Senate "Campaign"
AJA- Social Insurance (general)
AJA - Speeches by Altmeyer
AJA - Unemployment Insurance
AJA - United Nations
AJA - University of Wisconsin
AJA - VA Job
AJA - War on Poverty
AJA - Wage Reporting
AJA - War Work
AJA - Winant, John G.
AJA- Wisconsin State Industrial Commission
AJA - Witte, Edwin E.

Edwin Witte Papers
Witte, Edwin E.

Witte - Advisory Councils
Witte - Articles By Others
Witte - Articles By Witte
Witte - Book Reviews
Witte- CES
WITTE- Correspondence
Witte - Financing
Witte - General
Witte - History
Witte- History of Social Security
Witte - Notes
Witte - Letters From Witte
Witte - Letters to Witte
WITTE- Opposition to SSA
WITTE-Press Clippings
Witte - Quotes
WITTE- Reserve Controversy
Witte - Speeches By Witte

Drawer #2: Vacant
Tapes for Public Trustees Symposia on Trust Fund Reserves--1988
Background Book for Public Trustees Symposia on Trust Fund Reserves--1988
Papers Presented at Technical Symposium of Public Trustees Symposia on Trust Fund Reserves--1988
Papers Presented at Policy Symposium of Public Trustees Symposia on Trust Fund Reserves--1988

Drawer #3: Wilbur Cohen Papers (1)

Aaron Cohen
Administrative History of HEW
Archival Strategy
Background Materials
Banner Seminar Talk
Briefing Materials
Bruce B. Cohen
Childhood-Cohen to Robert G. Corwan
Chris Cohen
Cindy-Box 166
Civil Disorders
Cohen to Califano (Chron. 68)
Cohen to Carter (Chron .67)
Cohen Chron. Feb. 1962 – June 1963)
Cohen Correspondence 196 3
Cohen Correspondence 1963
Cohen Eisenhower Oral Interview
Cohen/Family Background
Cohen to Fedele Fauri (Chron. 61)
Cohen to Feldman (Chron. 62)
Cohen to Gardner Ackley (Chron. 66)
Cohen Interview at Columbia
Cohen (Kennedy Laws)
Cohen/Legislative Agenda
Cohen to Nelson Rockefeller
Cohen to Wicky (Chron. 64)
Comments on the Chamber of Commerce on Social Security
Correspondence Letter
David Zarefsky
Department of Health Education and Welfare
Department of Public Assistance ( Pennsylvania)
Economic Opportunity Act
Eloise & Wilbur (Sample)
Food (Cohen to Secretary)
Gardner Oral History
A Guide to the History of the Social Services and Social Work
Health, Education and Welfare/ Hill Burton
Herman G. Somers
Income & Welfare in the U.S.
Interview with Ball
Interview with Charles Morrissey (JFK Library)
Interview with Dan Coston
Interview with Julius Eidelstein
Interview with Sid Johnson
Interview with Sidney Superstein
Interview with Wilbur J. Cohen
James Banner
James L. Sundquist
Jewish Religion, Marriage & Family
Johnson Briefing
Johnson (President)
Judy Calder
Kennedy Material

Drawer #4: Wilbur Cohen Papers (2)
LBJ Welfare
Letter to Eloise
Letter to Paul Hayes
Major Federal Legislation Affecting Social Welfare 1961-1965
Meeting with President Johnson
M.S. Pitzelle (Labor and Management Editor)
The Need for a Nationwide General Public Assistance Program
Nestigen Resignation
Nominations-Hearings before the Committee on Finance-United States Senate
Notes on Commission Material
Off to a Good Start
Oral Interview with David G. McComb
Political Profiles: The Johnson Years
The Poor Law Under Attack
Poverty Policy
President’s Commission on National Goals
Press Releases
Professor John Milton Cooper
Professor Odin Anderson
Professor Phillip Reed Rulon
Professor William H. Becker
A Program for Greater Access to Opportunity Oct. 1963
Reed-Curtis Proposals
Reports-University of Michigan
Rockefeller Archival Center
Secretary to the President (Chron. 65)
Selected News Items from the Regional Offices
Social Security
Social Security 1983 Amendments
Social Security for Egypt
Social Security Legislation, 1960s Issues and Proposals
Some Policy Issues in Social Security Programs for the Aged
Statement of Honorable Carl T. Curtis, Chairman
Temporary Disability
United States Senate Committee on Labor & Public Welfare
Universal Military Training
Universal Training
Urgent Needs in Retirement Financing.
Wage Stabilization
Wage Stabilization Board
War on Poverty Originals
Welfare/Social Security
Wilbur J. Cohen Retirement Policies

Drawer #5: Bernice Berstein & John Callahan Papers
Bernstein, Bernice L.
Peace, Justice, & Development Ingredients for an Emergency World Order
Preventing Need: A Long Way to Go
Adoption Assistance & Child Welfare Act of 1980
Midcentury - White House Conference on Children & Youth
Conference Proceedings: National Conference on Law & Poverty
The University of Soledo: Law Review
University of Miami - Law Review
The War on Poverty - A Perspective
In Memoriam: Justine Wise Polien 1903 - 1907
Living at the Bottom: An Analysis of AFDC Benefit Levels
Celebration in Honor of the 10th Anniversary of the World Plan of Action on Aging & the Retirement Day of the Elderly
3rd Annual Commemorative of the United States
International Day of the Elderly
Manual on Cooperatives for the Aging
Law & Contemporary Problems
State Communities Aid Association Centennial Conference
Recovery Administration
Health Care
National Health Insurance Alain Enthoven Material
White House Conference on Aging
Congressional Records
National Industrial Recovery Act
Department of Social Services
Callahan Archives
Callahan Papers - Folder 1
Callahan Papers - Folder 2
Callahan Papers - Folder 3
Callahan Papers - Folder 4
Callahan Papers - Folder 5
SSA External Communications
SSA Internal Communications
SSA Events

Lateral File #3
This file contains an important collection of materials produced by SSA during the course of the Harrison Subcommittee hearings of 1959. Other featured are materials from the Committee on Economic Security of 1934.

Drawer #1
State Historical Society of Wisconsin-Altmeyer Papers Finding Aid
AJA - SSA Photos
AJA - Wisconsin State Historical Society Photos
AJA - Altmeyer, Ethel T.
AJA - 1936 Elections
AJA - 1939 Amendments
AJA - 1950 Amendments
AJA - Academic Work
AJA-Addresses & Speeches
AJA - Advisory Council
AJA - American Public Welfare Association
ALJ - Articles by Altmeyer
ALJ - Articles by Others
ALA - Attacks on Social Security
AJA - Awards & Honors
AJA - Ball, Bob
AJA - Berkowitz' Notes on Altmeyer
AJA - Bibliography
AJA - Biographical Material (appointments, etc.)
AJA - Biographical Material (general)
AJA - Biographical Material (papers at SHSW)
AJA - Biographical Material (relatives)
AJA - Birthday Tributes
AJA - Black Lung
AJA - British Social Security System
AJA - Brown, J. Douglas
AJA - Buildings
AJA - Cartoons
AJA - Certificates
ALA - Chamber of Commerce Proposal
AJA - Cohen, Wilbur
ALA - Congressional Testimony
AJA - Consulting Work
AJA - Correspondence
AJA - Curtis Hearings & Related
AJA - Death & Burial
AJA - De Pere History
AJA - Dewson, Molly
AJA - Disability
AJA - "Double Decker" & Flat-Rate Plans
AJA - Employment Security
AJA - Expanding Social Security
AJA - Federal Security Agency
AJA- Fight over FSA Appropriations
AJA - Financing
AJA - Firing by Eisenhower
AJA - "Formative Years" Book
ALA - General Social Security
AJA - Health Insurance
AJA - Int. Ladies Garment Workers Union Retirement Fund
AJA - Inter-American Conference on Social Security
AJA- International Refugee Organization
AJA - International Work
AJA - Interviews
AJA - History of Program
AJA- Labor
AJA - Latin America
AJA - Legislative Developments
ALJ - Letters to/from Others
ALJ - Letters from Altmeyer
AJA - McCormack Firing

Drawer #2
Materials Related to the Committee on Economic Security (CES)
CES-- Actuarial Studies
CES-- Binder on Health Care

CES-- Committee Activities (copy of Volume 8, below)
CES-- Correspondence (General)
CES-- Correspondence (Old Age Pensions)

CES-- Correspondence with Witte (Misc.)
CES-- Files at NARA
CES-- Meeting Minutes
CES-- Memoranda
CES-- National Conference
CES-- Organization
CES-- Outlines of Work
CES-- Personnel
CES-- Press & Media
CES-- Publications
CES-- Reports
CES-- Reports (Folder 2)
CES-- Speeches
CES-- Staff Papers
CES-- Staff Papers (Folder 2)
CES-- Unemployment Insurance (Assorted)
CES-- Unemployment Insurance Correspondence


I. Unemployment Compensation
Final Reports (Part 1)

II. Old Age Security
Final Reports
Other Reports

III. Child Welfare
Final Report
Brief Summaries of Final Report

V. Employment Opportunities
Final Report
Other Reports

VI. Social Insurance
A. Constitutional Issue (Part 1)
B. Financial Aspects (Part 1)
C. Federal-State Relationships (Part 1)
D. Insurance and Savings (Part 2)
E. Survivors' Insurance (Part 2)
F. Invalidity Insurance (Part 2)
G. Workmen's Compensation (Part 2)
H. Provisions for the Physically Handicapped (Part 2)
I. Security for Agricultural Workers (Part 2)
J. Economic Reform and Security Proposals (Part 2)
K. Miscellaneous Studies (Part 2)

VII. Health in Relation to Economic Security
Final Report (Part 1)
Other Reports (Part 1)
Advisory Committees' Minutes (Part 2)

VIII. Committee Activities
A. Chronological Summary of the Activities of the CES (Part 1)
B. Executive Order (Part 1)
C. Minutes of the Meetings of the Committee on Economic Security (Part 1)
D. Advisory Council (Part 1)

IX. Committee Publications
A. Preliminary Report
B. Advisory Council report
C. Report to the President
D. Printed and Mimeographed Material
E. Charts and Summaries

Drawer #3: Harrison Subcommittee Hearings (1)
Items for Subcommittee
Disclosure of Information (NOLEO)
Informational Items Released to the Public
Disability (Definition Of)
Letters to or about Subcommittee
Misc. Informal Requests
Costs of Program
Fact Book
Support of Reg. I
Subcommittee Material
Area for Subcommittee
Department of Health, Education, & Welfare
Administration of Social Security Disability Insurance Program
Committee on Way & Means - House of Representatives
Disability (Binder 1)
Disability (Binder 2)

Drawer #4: Harrison Subcommittee Hearings (2)
Proposed Statements Work Folder
Personnel Case Folder
The 1959 Budget Work Plan in Brief
Part I - Completed
Part I - Work Folder
Part II - Work Folder
Part II - Completed
Part III - Work Folder
Part III - Completed
Part IV - Work Folder
Part IV - Completed
Part V - Work Folder
Part V - Completed
Part VI - Work Folder
Part VI - Completed
Summary of Changes in Part 3 of Disability
Phase II - Work Folder
Clearance Drafts
Remand Data
Supplementary DDO Background Material
Efforts to Contain/Reduce the Appeals Workload
D/O Interviews
E.J. Delaney
Report Material
Proposed Statements Completed
Background Material
Table of Contents
Harrison Subcommittee History File
Hearings (Proposed Schedule)
Hearings (Summary of)
Part VIII - Work Folder
Part VIII - Completed
Part IX - Work Folder
Part IX - Completed
Material Forwarded by the Appeals Council
Material Supplied by the Appeals Council
Other Materials Not Used
Other Subcommittee Assignments
Subcommittee Assignments - Individual Cases
Part IV - Work Copy
Part V
Part VI - Work
Work Copy Supplementary to Part VII
Federal Determinations of Disability
GAO Material
Direction Bulletin
Items of Interests to Subcommittee
Part VII - Work Copy
Part IV - Work Copy

Drawer #5: SSI Materials
Contingency Planning - Part I
Contingency Planning - Part II
Contingency Planning Work Group Reports
Final Conversion Plot Plan
Contingency Planning
Aged, Blind, & Disabled Planning Office
Regulations No. 16
Proposed Plan of Action for Pilot Tests of Conversion
Summary of State Supplementation for Blind & Disabled
Released Memos - September
SSI Public Affairs Recipient Issues
Released Memos - October, 1973
Released Memos - November
Released Memos - December, 1973
Released Memos - January, 1974
Released Memos - February, 1974
Released Memos - March, 1974
Enumeration - Evidence Required
Misc. - Conversion & Enumeration
Initial Claims
Enumeration - Part I
Enumeration - Part II
Summary of Reports of Telephone Conversation with Ro's
SSR - Maintenance
State Supplementation Systems
Systems, Manual Process
SSISWG - Reports
Report of SSI Program Implementation Experience
Quality Assurance
Prouty Suspense
Program Review/Operational Planning
Post Entitlement
Basic Operational Policy - Task Force
BSSI Highlight Reports
Enumeration - AFDC
AFDC Enumeration
Unsolicited Proposal Prepared for the Social Security Administration
A Proposal to Assist the Social Security Administration with the State Conversion Project
A Proposal to Assist the Social Security Administration with the State Conversion
Proposal for Social Security Administration
Case Conversion Contingency State Policies