State Data Exchange Community of Excellence

Welcome to the State Data Exchange Community of Excellence

The State Data Exchange Community of Excellence (CoE) is an open forum that gives all interested stakeholders an opportunity to share their unique insights on electronic data needs with SSA and collaborate directly with SSA and other Federal officials.

Further, it provides an opportunity for stakeholders to hear from one another and learn best practices. The CoE is open to government and private entities interested in participating.  The community is an open forum to listen and understand issues at the state and federal level.

This inclusive and collaborative approach helps us develop responsive, effective, and efficient electronic data exchanges in order to streamline states health and human service business processes and minimize public burden. The CoE’s activities supplement, but do not replace, processes followed by SSA under the Administrative Procedure Act.

We feel that engaging interested parties in a public forum such as the State Data Exchange CoE can help us capture innovative ideas - ensuring that our vision for electronic data exchange continues to keep pace with advances in technology, policy and the modern workplace.